Monday, 18th January 2010

Support British dairy farmers

Shropshire cows

In light of possible Government plans announced to introduce a supermarket ombudsman, an article in The Times newspaper on Thursday 7th January, entitled ‘Milk: do we need a dairy godmother’, looked at the history of the dairy industry, the state of the dairy market today and what consumers can be doing now to help support British farmers, something we at Müller Dairy are passionate about. Within the article The National Farmers’ Union recommended buying Müller Dairy products in order to support British dairy farmers. Because 90% of the milk we use comes from within 30 miles of our Shropshire dairy. Not only that, but our close proximity to our farmers means that we are able to have closer working relationships with them. There is one thing we can all do to support British dairy farmers and British producers – buy British-made products made with British milk.

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