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Which Müller Yogurts contain probiotics?

Regular consumption of probiotics can help to maintain a healthy digestive system. The following products contain probiotic:Müller Breakfast Corner and the Müller Vitality Range.

What is the difference between probiotic and live yogurts?

Although they don't always highlight the fact on the label all yogurts bought from the chiller cabinet, whether fruit or plain, are 'live' or 'active' - meaning they contain live bacteria or active cultures. Providing they are stored correctly (in the fridge) and eaten by the best before date they will contain live bacteria. Probiotic yogurts contain a special strain of probiotic 'friendly' bacteria that have been clinically proven to reach the bowel and help restore the balance of good and bad bacteria.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics: Are beneficial bacteria that live in the digestive system. Certain probiotic cultures are added to foods like yogurts and yogurt drinks as they are beneficial in helping to maintain a healthy digestive system. In a healthy individual the numbers of good (healthy) bacteria in the gut outweigh the bad (pathogenic) bacteria. Probiotic cultures help to promote the growth of 'good' bacteria, shifting the balance away from the bad.