Carbon / energy efficiency

Making changes

Carbon / energy efficiency

Müller Dairy is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of it's products.

In December 2007, Müller Dairy became the first dairy company to join the Carbon Trust as a pilot partner. With the help of the Carbon Trust, we measured the carbon footprint of our Müller Corner Peach & Apricot to better understand where the main impacts are and where we can make improvements.

Harry Morrison, Director of Certification, Carbon Trust:

"Congratulations to Müller Dairy for once again certifying the carbon footprint of its product. Taking an interest in the environmental impact of your products by measuring the carbon footprint is an important step in being able to manage the carbon footprint of your products. We look forward to working with Müller Dairy in the future, to help them reduce the carbon footprint of their products, and communicate their achievements to customers."

We are also getting better at improving our processes, so that they become more efficient and have less of an impact on the environment. We are on target by the end of 2011 to have cut our energy use on site by 9 million kWh.