Waste to landfill

Making changes

Waste to landfill

We have signed up to the Food and Drink Federation's 'Federation House Five Fold Environmental Ambition'. This helps the food and drink industry make significant reductions and improvements in their environmental impacts. One key target is 'Zero to landfill by 2015'.

We are on target to have reduced our dairy waste to landfill by 66% (2,000 tonnes) per annum by the end of 2011 versus 2007 and to zero by 2015. 

We have also signed a voluntary agreement through the industry body IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution) to play our part in an industry target to recycle 150,000 tonnes and prevent 75,000 tonnes of waste by the end of 2012 against a 2009 baseline. http://www.igd.com/index.asp?id=1&fid=5&sid=43&tid=158&foid=127

While we work hard to reduce as much waste as possible from our processes, there are times when, for a variety of reasons, products within their 'best before' dates do not make it to retailers in time. That's why we're working with the FareShare charity to give these dairy products, which would otherwise be considered waste, to disadvantaged people in the community. The food redistributed by FareShare feeds 29,000 people a day.

Tony Lowe, FareShare CEO, said: "We are proud to be partnering with Müller Dairy. Their products help us to contribute towards a healthier diet for vulnerable people."