Why wean?

Why wean?

There comes a time when milk alone cannot meet all the nutritional needs of your growing baby. This is when you need to start weaning them onto solid foods.

Weaning not only helps babies get all the goodness and nutrients they need, but also helps develop the muscles necessary for chewing and eventually... speaking!

When to wean?

Current advice from the Department of Health is to breast-feed exclusively for six months. So, weaning normally begins around this time. The exact age depends entirely on your baby and individual advice from your Health Visitor and/or GP. What suits one family isn’t always right for another. Here are some things to consider:

  • Signs that your baby is ready to try solid foods is when they can sit up alone, they try reaching for your food and are chewing on anything in sight!
  • It’s worth talking to your health visitor or GP if your baby was born prematurely, or if you’re thinking of weaning before 6 months. This is important, as certain foods aren’t recommended during this time.
  • Weaning too early, when the baby’s system isn’t ready, can increase the risks of allergy, infection, heart problems and being overweight.
  • Solid foods should therefore not be given before 4 months (17 weeks).
* As part of a balanced and varied weaning diet